Features of sliding doors

In ordinary apartments with a small area, doors are often used – a compartment to visually use them to increase the area of ​​the room. But, in, then, the same time, the door itself passes sounds, smell and light are much better than ordinary doors.  This is because there are cracks on the door itself. And at the price of the door – the compartment is much more expensive than the usual hollow door.

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If someone tries to open the sliding door on himself, confusing it with the usual one, then it will quickly break.  But in, then, the same time, you can break the ordinary door if you want. The minus of the sliding door is also that sometimes it can open unevenly, small jerks. They often also jam. In this case, the mechanism that is inside is guilty. Therefore, when buying a door – a compartment pay special attention to it. In the construction store you can choose the door of any manufacturer you like. For example, Finnish doors, Italian, German, Russian. In Russia, most often doors are produced using other countries. Try to choose the doors of standard sizes, without cassettes and glass. The main and important positive quality of such doors is the decoration of the interior of the apartment itself. The room takes a luxurious and original appearance.