Examination of building structures

The term “technical examination of buildings and structures” is called a set of measures to collect and process the initial data on the technical condition of the structure, as well as its individual structural elements, evaluate their technical condition and degree of wear.

Transferring the above to a simple language, a specialist leaves for you who examines your building. Its tasks include determining structural elements, fixing existing defects, and already according to the results of the inspection, drawing up a report. This document will contain recommendations for the elimination of detected violations.

In which case it is necessary to conduct a technical survey of building structures? Such an examination should be carried out if you want to determine the suitability of public and residential buildings or industrial premises for further operation. Also, a technical examination is resorted to in cases where the owner or tenant doubts the reliability of individual building elements or the structure as a whole. The examination is also carried out in the event of visual defects in the form of wall cracks, farms deformation, etc.P. Another case of the need for such an examination is to determine the real value of the building before the sale of the object or its revaluation. The examination must also be carried out when resolving the issue of demolition of the building or its disposal.

The need for the examination is to collect the source data that will be used in the design, determine the possibilities of various superstructures of the floors. During the examination, it turns out whether the redevelopment and the need to strengthen the structures of the building are needed. As a result of the examination, it may turn out whether the structural elements have sufficient bearing capacity or whether they must be strengthened.