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Examination and diagnosis and elimination of defects of supports and brick columns

For many buildings, it is important that brick supports serve for a long time, do not destroy. The main defects of the columns and brick supports are cracks, as well as the destruction and loss of the material. Cracks appear from large overloads, masonry begins to fall apart from a lack of bearing capacity.  The most important disadvantage of supports and columns, violation of the technology of preparation of the solution, often unscrupulous builders use poor -quality materials (low -quality cement, low -quality sand). From time to time, the column and support should be examined and diagnosed for the presence of cracks and damaged areas. After detecting defects, they must quickly be eliminated in the shortest possible time. By the way, art forging before buying is also examined and diagnosed with professionals, only after that it is delivered to stores.

To eliminate the defect- jump off damaged areas to a depth of 6 cm, clean and expand cracks. Before applying a new quality solution, rinse the purified surfaces with water.  Apply the solution carefully, tightly impressing it into cracks and recesses. On this amplification of the columns and supports does not end. For strengthening, use reinforced concrete finish, reinforced cladding. Often experimental builders perform a metal frame made by steel stripes, corners. With small injuries, the column is dressed in brickwork in one row, on a cement mortar.