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Equipping professional dishes

If you want to open a small fast food or a small restaurant, then you can contact our company Accord Group at the address . After all, with such ideas, everyone has many questions. It is always interested in what the concept of the restaurant will be, what style will have, buy or rent a room, which equipment to choose, etc.D.

Our company will help to carry out comprehensive equipment for any kind of institution. We will help design the kitchen of the restaurant, cafe, choose the original and professional dishes, choose the right interior and much more. We offer all services with love, and maximum responsibly we approach each issue. Here you can get practical information for acceptable prices. Our company has been operating in the market since 2009 and has always been one of the most successful, regularly developing trading companies. We provide our services throughout Ukraine. We carry out a comprehensive equipment of professional dishes, as well as equipment for cafes, restaurants, fast foods, bars and other similar places that offer catering. We represent the brands that Brema, Eterun, Starmix, UNOX, COUPE, Curver, CAS, etc.D.

We provide a full range of services, help create a technological project, deliver all the necessary goods and materials, help to carry out installation work, provide a wide range of high -quality and brand equipment and dishes, and also guarantee the high quality of all goods and services. We have a loyal payment system and low prices, which will delight each client. But the real key to our success can be considered long -term and honest cooperation with all customers. For all our customers, we create favorable conditions for further increase in income and business development.