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Equipment to maintain heat –

In order to save natural resources, a person goes to use additional methods of obtaining electric and thermal energy. One way to save money on the maintenance of heating systems is the use of various auxiliary systems. They are called thermal curtains.

On the TEPLO-WENT resource, which belongs to the company thermal evidence, several groups of equipment used to heat premises for various purposes are located. Among them are such as:

thermal curtains and guns;

Thermal curtains

convectors, various types of heaters and much more.

In fact, all these are additional heat sources. They may vary on the principle of action used by the coolant, purpose.

For example, thermal curtains can be used on air heating of the entrance groups of buildings or at the entrance to huge warehouses. They can be installed at the top, from the side. To create a thermal curtain, air, electric energy or steam can be used. But there are models that, creating a thermal curtain, do not use additional sources of heating.

To create comfortable living conditions in the house, on the site you can purchase all the necessary equipment that will maintain a microclimate on an area of ​​6 square meters.

An interested consumer can choose the necessary equipment on this site, clarify its availability in the company’s warehouse, and after payment, get it in one of one hundred and fifty delivery points of the goods that the company contains throughout the country.