Emergency house, errors in the order of design and construction work led to serious consequences

Water in the basement of the house. Because of what it could be:

1. The foundation of the house is chosen incorrectly;

2 – the waterproofing of the foundation is not performed efficiently;

3 – geological work was not completed.

Summer is on the street, and you have water in the basement, if the contractor was decorated, this would not have happened.

There may be many reasons for this. To name the true reason, it is necessary to spend on a technical examination.

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Suppose the house went into winter operation without fixing the reason.

Cracks in the walls of the house. Cracks in the house, both on the outer walls and on the internal.

Cracks over window openings. Cracks will grow over time and not only horizontal, but also vertical.

Cracks in the walls of the house.

Errors during the construction of the house led to the formation of numerous cracks in the walls of the house.

If the house has a wrong foundation, then there is no need to talk about the rest. Again, only the expert can give an accurate assessment.

Build a house worth 2-3 million rubles, and then spend the same amount of repairs more than paying 50 thousand for a geological examination.

It is necessary to trust only trusted firms with multiple reviews and a good reputation.

Our motto during construction: “To do everything right or not to do anything”.