Dry screed knauf

In order for your room to perform all the necessary functions and be really attractive, you need to make sure that your flooring is really even and high -quality. In most cases, the floor screed is used.

There are a fairly large number of types and types of such a screed in the construction market, you should just choose only that you really qualitatively affect the entire room. If you choose a wet screed, then be prepared to carry out long -term cleaning of the entire room from this material, because this is a rather dirty installation procedure for such a material. That is why the majority chooses for themselves and their premises a modern and high -quality dry screed knauf.

This is a completely new screed technology that gives you the desired effect and guarantees a quality result. Moreover, this method requires much less effort and is not a dirty process. But the problem is that not everyone has the opportunity to carry out a high -quality styling of such a dry screed, because for this you need to have a very large amount of experience. But what to do if you have a desire to do everything yourself? And how to lay a dry cnauf screed at home?

First of all, you must understand that while working with such material, the room should have a normal temperature range. Only after the material is climatic in the room, it can be laid in place, as a rule, all this takes approximately 2 days. The screed itself contains two elements.

First of all, it is a expense clay. It is very similar to sand and has a small fraction. It is this material that you will align the flooring. The second element of the structure is a gypsum -fiber slab, which will be located on top, and will form a high -quality and even coating of your future sex. In order to work, you need a laser level and a large amount of patience.