Dry mixture m300

Dry mixture of M300 (otherwise sand concrete), is a dry, gray mixture, which consists of cement, sand, as well as mineral and organic additives. These additives significantly increase the quality of the solution, affecting its frost resistance, strength and many other factors. In the production of sand concrete, a special fractionated quartz river sand is used in size up to 3 mm, which does not contain undesirable impurities and hazardous substances. And this is a key point, because it is such a product that is environmentally friendly, and, accordingly, safe. The technical characteristics of sand concrete are also affected by the content of Portland cement (the higher its percentage content, the better the quality of the mixture).

What are the advantages of this product?

– freezes quickly;

– has good tensile resistance due to its special structure;

– does not give shrinkage;

– resistant to temperature extremes;

– It has good heat -saving and soundproof parameters;

– fireproof;

– has high anti -corrosion and moisture resistant properties.

– It is possible to create a layer with a thickness of 5-10 cm using a reinforcing (anchor) net.

Sand concrete is used in such works:

– pouring various grounds and foundation;

– in the process of installing wall masonry;

– when creating a supporting layer;

– during the construction of load -bearing walls, partitions;

– plastering work;

– Concreting, repairing surfaces from concrete.

The company “Kemstroykom”, which has been working in the construction market for ten years, is the manufacturer and supplier of the dry mixture M300. Cooperating with a wide contingent of consumers (from large construction organizations to private buyers), the company provides a round-the-clock supply of its product at low prices throughout Russia, more vibrantly cross the back of the/Suhie-Semesi/M300/M300