Dried pine

Dry pine, or dry Kelo, this is the Karelian pine. A tree that has unique strength characteristics and great resistance to the influence of surrounding factors. And this makes it indispensable in the construction of structures of various destinations, especially residential buildings and baths. After all, the usual shrinkage of a log house from the “Live Forest” throughout the first year is from 8 to 12 cm, which significantly slows down subsequent construction work. Because all the shrinkage processes have not yet stopped, there is no need to talk about any finishing work, installation of windows.

What is dry? Dry – any tree that has dried up on the root, but at the same time retained a vertical position. But in the middle part of Russia, trees have soft wood, and this does not allow the tree to remain in an upright position. Literally after a couple of years they fall and rot, which makes them completely unsuitable for construction work. Another thing is the Karelian pine tree that grows in the north. Trees in this area grow very slowly, increasing in a diameter of no more than 1 mm in a diameter. Because of this, their annual rings are so thin and dense that it is impossible to consider them. When the root of the Karelian pine dies, the tree begins to dry in an upright position, acquiring a very interesting look. The view it has silver-gray, the surface is very solid. The absence of moisture and any life processes determines the durability of the Karelian dry pine, comparable to the oak. The diameter of logs varies from 250 to 400 mm.

True, a dry pine had one drawback – it was impossible to repaint the walls from it if desired.

But the Peaura company in 2012 developed special technologies that allow produced a profiled beam from the Karelian dry pine, which means to give your home a modern image.