Domestic window fittings with a guarantee of 20 years

One of the leading Russian producers of PVC Profil, Proplex, this year, began to master the production of high-quality accessories. Now, under the Proplex F20 brand, window and door accessories are available, which, due to the highest quality of materials, as well as design features, according to the assurances of the creators, can work for twenty or more years.

If we talk about the technical characteristics of Proplex F20, then the creators note locking tsapps of a special design, which, according to them, completely solve the problems associated with tight, or with loose closing the window. This is achieved thanks to rotating rollers that reduce friction and ensure uniform pressing of the sink. This, in turn, reduces the load of the control handle. And a two -stage scissors clamp the sash will provide protection even from a strong wind.

High -quality windows – an integral component of comfort in your house. They are no less important than flooring, wall decoration, inexpensive stretch ceilings and furniture. A good window will help save on thermal insulation and reduce your accounts for heating the premises in the cold season.

New accessories were created in close cooperation with the German enterprise Carl Fuhr, which only emphasizes the high quality of products, but is adapted in a number of characteristics specifically for the Russian market. According to the director of the development of Leo Perellin, the design takes into account such fundamental moments of Russian reality as Russian winter and domestic drafts.