DIY table

Any person who does not represent his life without a summer residence understands that everything should be perfect in the countryside area. After all, the quality of rest depends on convenience. But there are some things that do not always pay attention to. This happens until a certain point. One of these things is the table in the gazebo.

The thing is that after the completion of the construction of the gazebo, attention does not immediately pay attention to the absence of the table. Practice shows that in many cases the need for a table in the gazebo is felt only during the rest.

It is worth noting that the choice of the table, more precisely, its design, can be called quite difficult. The reason for complexity is that there are a lot of design solutions for the table in the gazebo. In addition, even despite the large number of execution options, there is a certain difficulty in choosing a material for the table.

In most cases, a tree is used for this case. But the most interesting thing is that this is not always pre -prepared blanks. For example, a table looks quite beautiful, the leg of which is made of old stump. Naturally, for this, the stump undergoes a certain training. It is cleaned from the peel, after which it is necessarily processed with a special composition, for example, varnish or stain. Depending on the thickness of the stump, additional elements can be attached to it, on which the countertop is then laid. If the diameter of the stump is large, then the installation of additional elements is not necessary. The countertop can simply be fixed to the surface of the stump, using either nails or screws.

If the stump is small, then in this case, in addition to additional elements, it is advisable to use the load that will play the role of a balancer. This is necessary to ensure the stability of the table.