DIY rope staircase

For all cases of life, stairs of various modifications are always used on the farm: prefix, stationary, marching, screw, etc.P. There is another type of stairs, the main advantage of which is lightness and mobility – rope ladders, which are usually used on ships for lifting on masts or as an emergency version in helikopters.

Such a staircase and a set of sports corners for apartments includes. As an option – a rope staircase can be used in the mountains as a suspension bridge over the gorge (in this case, it is stretched between the “shores” in a horizontal position). And the rope staircase is a mandatory attribute of rescuers.

But even in a regular economy, it is easy for her to find use, for example, using instead of a wooden ladder staircase to move along the roof. Yes, and children will like it in a state suspended on a tree – it will be possible to play pirates with pleasure.

DIY rope staircase is made easily and quickly. Yes, and there are no special materials here – it is enough to take a few evenly agitated bars and a rope rope. In order to spend less time searching for coming bars, just buy 4 holders for a garden shovel (both the length is suitable, and the cross section is sufficient for the standard staircase). As for the rope, it will be enough to buy 20 meters with a diameter of one centimeter.

The rope can be cut into two identical components, or you can simply loop the staircase from one edge, making the base of the lower step with the base. Either under the lower and above the upper step, leave a certain supply of the rope to form loops for which the staircase can be suspended.

Implies each staircase made by yourself, the calculation of the stairs. The same applies to the rope option. Only here is the required length of the stairs taking into account the number of steps (and, consequently, the distances between them) and nodules, which will be fixed on the rope,. Sometimes it is necessary to take into account the load on such a ladder. And the more it will be, the thicker the rope should be and, possibly, a little longer than with a standard version, steps.

The same article we are talking about the usual rope ladder for the average layman (by type of ramp in the sports corner).

So, you have prepared 4 holders for a shovel – cut them into 3 identical in length of the bar (this will be your steps). Retreat from each edge of the bar (on both sides) of 5 centimeters and drill through the through holes. Choose the thickness of the drill so that the rope passes through the holes without much straining.

Now the bars will need to give an aesthetic look by treating them with olifa and painting with oil paint (choose the color from your taste addictions). While the paint dries up, preparing a small template that will help you distribute the steps on the rope at the same distance (2 gabarits packed on the board).

They planted the first step, extending both ends of the rope through the holes, and fixed the bar in the place allocated to it with the help of the node (if you do not know how to knit “sea”, use any other, known to you). And so gradually “string” all the bars on the rope, fixing them using nodes at equal distances from each other. When you finish forming a staircase, do not forget to tie the ends of the rope in a durable knot.

Having made a rope staircase with your own hands, you will “kill” several hares at once: you got into the house the right thing and at the same time enjoyed great pleasure from the process (and result) work. They also brought great joy to their children, because in his “duties”, the rope staircase will actively “participate” in children’s games from their “duties”.