DIY drywall partition

Drywall – quite universal and convenient material. With it, you can perform various construction work. Consider one of the options for using drywall, namely the installation of the partition.

First, on the floor, draw the location of the future partition. For installation, use profile. The width of the profile depends on what thickness the partition should be. Cut the profile in size and attach it to the floor using dowels. You can cut the profile with a grinder or metal scissors.

Now it is necessary to transfer the line of the partition from the floor to the ceiling. To do this, use a regular plumb line. When the process of applying marks to the ceiling ends, measure the distance between the walls on the ceiling. Next, cut the profile along this length and fasten it on the label marks.

At the next stage, remove the dimensions between the ceiling and the floor for each vertical rack and cut the profile according to these sizes. Insert the wall profile with the upper end into the ceiling, and the lower in the profile on the floor and put it to the wall with the same dowels. We make similarly from the opposite side. So, the frame is ready and it remains to put the partition racks. For partitions, use a profile with additional stiffness ribs, since they are attached only from above and below. The manufacture of the frame of the partition is completed on this.

At the final stage, it remains to sheathe the frame of the drywall and put it with it. For sound insulation, foam or glass wool can be placed in the internal space of the partition.