Ideas for giving

Decoration Materials

1.Olifs and emulsion.

Natural linen and hemp olifa is made of linseed and hemp raw oil, which is cooked at 200-300 degrees (Celsius). Then they process the air using a sequet. Olifa is used to make colorful mixtures, primers and as a separate material for painting wooden and metal mechanisms from the outside and inside the room.

Emulsion VM consists of natural olifa, water, animal tile glue, benzene, lime 50 % dough. Apply it when diluting deaf paints.

The emulsion of MV is made from the connection of the alkali (soda, boura, Potash), natural olifa and 10 % solution of animal glue. Use the emulsion of VM for painting plaster, wood inside the features.

2. Stretch mixtures.

Oil paints – a variety of white and colored colorful compositions made of natural or oliphi mixed with different impurities, brought to painting density. Painting mixtures are used to protect building buildings from corrosion and adverse effects of external factors, including the color of metal structures, technological equipment, walls, gender, etc.P. There are two types of paints and varnishes:

1) organized,

2) water -dispersive.

Organized (based on a solvent) paint mixtures are often used for external work, since environmental influences tolerate well.

Wodispersion materials (based on water) are used when staining carpentry, furniture and other interior items in the rooms.