Create comfort in the house

Home comfort, what these two words mean? This is probably an expensive European repair that cost you a tidy amount. Or maybe an exclusive interior created by a professional designer can be called homemade comfort? No no and one more time no. 99 % of home comfort create your spiritual and emotional states. After thinking of creating a cozy atmosphere in your home, it is necessary to start with your thoughts. Rethink your attitude to your home. It doesn’t matter if you live in your home or a rented apartment, it is with this housing that part of your life is connected. Then, so that this part would be as beautiful as possible and you need to create comfort here and now.

So, in the ideal version, we need a little imagination, a bit of artistic style, knowledge of the simplest design techniques, very little money and a particle of your soul. Rethinking your attitude to the home, you can start design.

It is best to start with the walls. Immediately break the old wallpaper and stick new ones or just paint the walls. This will help get rid of the energy of past years and, possibly, the experience of the negativity, which is constantly reminiscent of this stain on the wall, or a small scratch on the wallpaper in the hallway. When choosing a color, it is best to dwell on warming colors – cream, beige or lilac. Now let’s move on to lighting. The softer the lighting in your apartment, the more comfortable in it. You may have to replace several old lamps with more modern ones, or to refresh them by replacing the posts. Put on the floor if you don’t have it yet, carpet. Little carpet is better to put at the coffee table. If your carpet occupies the entire floor, then its color should be darker than the walls. And of course, arrange more fresh flowers and plants, they will help refresh the atmosphere in your apartment.