Cozy interior in French

The main feature of the interior of the French style is considered to be an unprecedented luxury literally turning into chic, elegant pretentiousness and slightly excessive pompous. However, the high cost of which the interior is traditionally associated in French, is only partially appropriate in it and finds the difference in comparison between the similar style of the interior of a luxurious mansion and an inexpensive countryhop house.

To give the French style to the interior of the house or apartments, it is not necessary to use the most expensive decoration materials and expensive decor elements for this just highlight the interior with features of the French style. With such conditions, it becomes much easier to create an interior in the French style and which is especially important financially more accessible.

The floor in the interior of the French style should be simple, it can be an ordinary wooden floor, parquet, and even tiles, it is important that the main flooring is plain preferably warm-brown tones, Grespania is perfect for the floor. In this style, it is undesirable to use linoleum and bulk coatings, as well as tiles with a logical pattern, but coating with a faded gamut will be quite acceptable.

It is advisable to plaster the walls for the interior in French in French or paint with matte or semi-dummy paints or paste it with wallpaper, while it is more correct to use pastel colors or light colors of any shades. The walls in the interior of the French style should be smooth, but not glossy or patterned, but not textured in any case, since any complex wall decoration will only worsen the French style.

A feature of the French interior is forged furniture, while forging in the interior can be used in almost all its components, so there can be forged chairs, tables, shelves and even beds. The disadvantageous part of the forging can be replenished with forged interior accessories in particular simple candlesticks or forged ceiling, floor or wall lamps.

The French style of the interior will be emphasized by wide, but low bedside tables, linen cabinets and cabbines for bite attributes, they should be either aged or painted in white unnatural wood. Expressiveness and some integrity to the French style will give mirrors and paintings in the black framework, they will be combined with forging and at the same time contrast with furniture.

The severity of the French interior is leveled by the upholstered woven or leather furniture of warm colors and curtains of pastel colors, while it is better to use simple fabrics without an expressive texture. The accessories of the French interior can be crystal or glass vases, metal or porcelain figurines, tea sets, small patterned tablecloths and other components of the life of Parisians. Attributes.