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Constructions of the annular air duct

Gas pipelines and candles are mounted by the maximum enlarged elements in accordance with the crane lifting capacity. Elements of suppositories rise along with the slabs that are installed and fixed to the structures until they are lifted. Elements of suppositories before lifting are built up with stairs and strata.

Installation of candlesticks and suppositories is carried out in parallel with the installation of a copra.

The installation of bream refrigerators and the mountains is made after the readiness of the heat -guided stump of bream. First of all, air -cooled boards are mounted, which are laid and closed with a protective bottom. The installation of air cooling plates is performed directly by tower crawl. If you needed a new bath, then you can order it here: Baths are cast -iron.

Mounting refrigerators is made after assembly and welding of the mountain and two shaft belts. The feed of the refrigerators elements inside the domain furnace is performed by a tower tap, and their pressing to the casing is a hill- by means of a pusher.

Next, a reconciliation, fixing and minting of refrigerators is carried out.

Strowing stoops of refrigerators is carried out by the brackets laid in the body of the slab during casting.

Campaign (filling out design gaps between individual refrigerators and their rows) is carried out by a special cast -iron putty that has the following composition (in percentage in volume): cast -iron crushed chips with a large -scale with a large -scale – 90%. The ammonia of the second grade GOST 2210-51-5% and sulfur-5%-before use, the components are thoroughly mixed with each other and after adding 10-15% of the sulfuric acid solution are brought to the porridge state. Work on very laborious, as it is performed manually. A plug is typed in the scoop, brought to the gap and stuffed there with a wooden spatula.

All work on the installation, ri – refrigerators are performed from the work site, which is worn by a clip on the central tubular rack installed on the fluent concrete of the bream.