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Construction of houses from glued timber in St. Petersburg

Today, glued beam is one of the most popular materials in the field of home building. There is nothing surprising! Wooden houses have always been valued for their reliability, beauty and environmental friendliness. At the heart of this technology of housing construction lies the use of special blocks of glued wood of valuable wood wood. Such material has a number of significant advantages compared to the classic “round”. A house made of glued timber perfectly retains heat, for the simple reason that when gluing, all cracks and cracks in the structure of the tree are filled. In addition, the absence of cavities and pores in the structure provides high noise insulation. Another significant advantage is that the wall panels have a minimum shrinkage and deformation due to the fact that glued bars are much stronger and durable more integral. The material is convenient and malleable during processing, due to which the implementation of the most daring architectural solutions and configurations is possible, the number of storey of the cottage can also be different.

This technology allows you to assemble houses in a fairly short time, the design is quickly collected and no additional fitting of the blocks is required, for the simple reason that the bars are glued to a predetermined size and configuration. Everything is scrupulously calculated and adjusted at the stages of production of “glued beams” blocks. If necessary, gluing and finishing the blocks already in the process of collecting the structure with high -strength adhesive compounds, which reduces the possibility of shrinkage and deformation of the object to a minimum. In the case of construction from solid wood, a long -term shutter speed is required, drying can last a whole construction season, or even longer. As a result, significant shrinks arise that require special attention. Lameli of the “glued beam”, even at the stage of production of blocks, are dried in special thermal printing, which in the future helps to avoid trouble when deformation of the wall panels. Despite numerous processing, the material remains completely safe, t.To. For gluing boards, only environmentally friendly adhesive mixtures that do not contain toluene and formaldehyde are used. Another important production stage is the additional processing of the beam with fire -retardant impregnations, which significantly increases the fire resistance of the construction, and in the event of a fire, households will have enough time to leave the house. Picking a beam with antiseptics increases the resistance of wood to decay and the effects of parasites.

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