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Construction brick

The most popular building material in the market is certainly a brick.

Construction brick is most often used for laying walls and partitions in buildings for various purposes. The brick has a reputation of reliable, durable and durable material. Thanks to the walls of it, the necessary microclimate is supported in the house. The wall erected from brick will comply with soundproofing norms. One of the main characteristics of construction brick is its strength.

Let us consider in more detail the modern labeling of bricks. Initially, a letter is placed meaning a type of brick, and then a digital index follows. The digital index indicates the load that the brick can withstand on an area of ​​1 centimeter square. For example, M200 labeling means that the brick will withstand the maximum permissible load of 200 kg per 1 centimeter square.

The following brands of bricks are distinguished: M75, M100, M125, M150, M175, M200, M250, M300.

Many people are more familiar with ceramic brick of a red color. This coloring is due to the natural component, from which they make a brick. Although shades can occur both yellow and orange. Today, thanks to the development of technology, the manufacturer has the opportunity to produce construction brick of almost any colors. Color is limited only by the imagination of the customer. Coloring in the desired color occurs due to special staining pigments. In the end, I would like to describe another such important characteristic of brick as frost resistance. This parameter describes the ability to withstand temperature changes from negative to positive. The higher the figure that follows the letter index, the more stable the brick to temperature drops. In the middle strip, experts advise using construction brick with frost resistance from 35 to 50 cycles.