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Concrete mixers Altrad

Today it is difficult to imagine such works as filling the floor or foundation without the use of a concrete mixer. One of the most popular and sought -after firms of concrete mixers is Altrad. There are several varieties of such a device in the model range.

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The most popular today was gained by the B-130ZK sample produced in Poland. Such a modification has a thin -profile frame, especially near the base. Such a model has a very significant constructive drawback – the tilting mechanism of the working drum is very inconvenient – along the supporting leg and before fixing it requires additional efforts. And the fixing spring usually quickly fails.

Altrad model B-130 is produced in France, but it has the same significant drawbacks as the Polish model B-130ZK. However, the B-130 sample has a significant plus-the blades inside the working drum are made of a thick layer of metal-the thickness of the sheet 2 mm, in which their damage is excluded. The bearing node is located in the lower segment of the drum. And the replacement of bearings is made inside the drum. However, due to working with concrete solutions, it will be problematic to do this. And after replacing bearings, fluid leaks often begin, which inevitably leads to corrosion.