Complex of work suburban construction

In recent years, the intended-sized method of installing the building structures of the building, equipment and refrigeration pipelines (cooling batteries, air coolers and pipelines) was carried out on the construction of the production refrigerator of the Tartu meat-processing plant by the Leningrad control control of the prodmontazh, the meat and dairy corpus of the Ostankino meat processing plant of the Moscow Military Military District NTAG and refrigerators for storing fruits with a capacity of 700 tons of single storage according to the Gipholod project by the Moldavian mu Trust Prodmonta. If you took up the repair of the building, then you can read useful tips about repairing here: /.

A set of works related to the installation of refrigeration equipment was carried out by two specialized flows: the installation of heat exchangers and the installation of compressors and compressor-content units.

Before lifting and installing in the design position of refrigerated equipment, mounted on supporting metal structures (oil separators, Massoos-collectors, etc.) fans of gradiren, pipelines, an enlarging assembly was carried out. Hoochs are welded to the reinforced concrete reins to be insulated to insulate the air cooler. Before installation, prefabricated reinforced concrete wall panels are isolated by heat -insulating materials. To reduce the volume of work performed by the height, it is advisable to mount the wall panels and floor slabs mount coolant fastening products and the devices themselves, if their dimensions do not exceed the sizes of reinforced concrete structures. When fastening fastened batteries to the brackets installed in the walls, batteries should be mounted using mounting cranes before the installation of floor slabs of the upper floor.

A set of works