Channel convectors with and without

Canal convectors are produced in two executions with the case, which performs the channel in which they are installed or without a case. Convectors without a case have a special design, thanks to which they can be mounted both above the floor and in niches under it. Convectors with a case have a steel galvanized case painted in graphite color. The convector is made from a copper pipe in the form of a horseshoe with a large number of ribs of it on it. On top, the channel can be closed by a stainless steel panel or wood in some cases from plastic. The width of the convective channel can be a few centimeters, long from half a meter to four meters, the depth of the channel can reach70 cm.

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Convectors without a case are placed in pre -prepared and heat -insulated channels in the shape of a rectangle. Between the convector and the lower point of the channel, the distance should be observed10 cm., which provides free circulation of air. Covering convector grate should withstand heavy loads, since people will move along it. Such lattices are made of steel or wood (with the exception of framing and supporting part), also some manufacturers make convection gratings from high -strength and heat -resistant plastic.