Ceramic panel

A photograph on a tile that is a whole canvas is called a ceramic panel. Consists of a panel of different amounts of tile elements. Perfectly decorates the interior of the room in the apartment. A photo tile is created using individual ceramic tiles, which together create a picture with a finished plot. The process of manufacturing such tiles is quite complex, therefore the price of such a finish is high. The sizes of the ceramic panel can be different, the structure of monolithic or consisting of individual tiles. It is necessary to select a panel under the interior of the room. All tastes can be taken into account, since the plots of the ceramic panel are wide enough: landscapes, illustrations for literary works, reproductions of known paintings, portraits of idols.

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You can also make portraits of relatives and friends from photographs. The production of photo ceramics is constantly being improved. The market offers the consumer a high -quality photo tape at a moderate price. Ceramic decor today is very popular today. The interior of the premises uses curbs, inserts, ceramic panels. Borders and inserts give completeness to combinations that are laid out with tiles. A ceramic panel becomes an accent of the entire design of the room if it is the most advantageous.