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Ceiling options

We all dream that our apartment looks perfect, corresponds to our attitude and ideas about comfort. Apartments repair is a whole complex of various works. First of all, this is the decoration of the floor, ceiling and walls. Let us dwell in more detail on how exactly the ways you can turn the usual ceiling into the ceiling of your dreams.

To get a white and even ceiling, it is enough to align it with plaster mixtures, and then paint with water -based paint or paste it with wallpaper. This option will not take you a lot of money, but there will be enough time, patience and effort. Therefore, as well as due to low functionality, this option is increasingly inferior to the rest.

The ceiling can be treated with silk plaster, or liquid wallpaper. The advantage is the lack of dust. But if you want more complicated solutions, it is better to consider other options.

Practicality and functionality delight the ceilings of the suspended. The ceiling is based on a metal or wooden frame to which panels are attached from a wide variety of materials. Unlike what characteristics are priority for you (moisture resistance, ease of cleaning, aesthetic component, etc.D.), You can choose panels of plastic, natural wood, lines, MDF, drywall, mineral fiber, and even mirror.

The most expensive, but the most stylish option for finishing the ceiling is stretch ceilings. A special canvas is made according to measurements, a PVC plate for installation is attached to it. To give elasticity, the canvas heats up with a heat gun, and then attached to the baguette. The stretch ceiling will become the perfect space for the use of a wide variety of design solutions.