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Building on the Internet

Wikihouse is a unique construction technology that allows you to build your own housing to any person with any level of skill. Technology is available to download on the Internet. It was demonstrated in detail by developers at the past exhibition in Milan. In their opinion, this is a breakthrough in the construction industry.

The Wikihouse system uses plates of glued plywood, connecting together, they form a rather strong design.

On the project’s website, everyone can develop their own design at home and then download their own template for cutting on the milling machine. After that, the plates are collected in a single design according to the plan. First, separate sections are collected that are attached to each other. After that, the design is additionally strengthened and lined with panels. Now you can start the interior decoration of the house.

Currently, the project is only being developed, but in the future it is planned to equip the structure with windows, doors and modern facing materials. There is also work on the creation of houses adapted for use around the world, in various conditions. Developers are ready to consider different offers on their website.

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