Build a felled bath

Russian bath without a doubt reflects a pure Russian soul. The same mysterious and hot. It is at the behest of the soul that many Russian people are erecting in their dachas this wonderful structure. The case should begin with the project to build a bathhouse, you need to decide in advance with the materials, size and stove or boiler. The most popular bath is felled, t.To. This type of construction has many advantages. The most important of them is the environmental friendliness of wood, and, accordingly, health safety. The aesthetics and external beauty of the log house also play an important role in choosing this building material. The log house is also good because when using it does not need additional interior decoration. Accordingly, this type of construction is economically more profitable.

However, the construction of such a bath must be well prepared, because in the event of an unprofessional approach, troubles may arise. For example, wall deformation due. Also, due to incorrectly selected logs, the temperature will drop sharply in the room, and the heat will not linger.

The workpiece of the material is the first step in the construction of the bath. The most optimal material is wood with a moisture content of 18 %. An important point in the harvesting of the material is the availability of a construction project. The project will help to accurately count the amount of material and avoid a lack or its overrun.

The second step in the construction of a Russian bath is – preparing a place for construction. An excellent place will be the sandy shore of a noisy river or any other reservoir. If there is no one, a place with an even relief and solid soil is suitable.

The laying of the foundation serves the third step in the construction of the bath. The best for such a building will be a columnar foundation from asbestos -cement pipes.

Installation of the log of the bathhouse itself is performed manually. Before laying a log, it must be numbered so as not to get confused. Next, we lay a layer of waterproofing, the rails will be attached to it, the first crown will fit on them. If you use a conventional foundation, and not columnar, then it is necessary to use special reinforcement to fix the log house on the foundation. In the logs, in the corners of the construction, holes for reinforcing rods are drilled.

Each subsequent crown of styling should be smaller than the previous. For attaching to the crowns there are special dummies and steel brackets. If the log house is assembled in a “bowl” without locks, they are embedded in the corners of the construction.

The construction of a Russian bath is not a simple thing. Only a skilled master can recreate such a creation. In order for everything to work perfectly, it is necessary to work on the project prepared in advance. Such a scrupulous work will be rewarded with pleasant evenings behind the Kvass mug in your favorite steamer.