Blood care

Blinds in appearance seem quite a simple design, many people think that they do not need departure either. But this is not so, in the first blinds are different, secondly, absolutely all the time is needed to include and blinds.

The blinds made of plastic are quite easy to care for, they need to be wiped with a slightly damp cloth, without the use of any abrasive detergents. Then they must be wiped with a dry rag. It is worth noting that the wiping of each lamella takes a lot of time, so many housewives do not wipe the dust, but vacuum the blinds. It is much faster and easier. Now they often buy inexpensive sonata spare parts they are not very expensive.

Metal blinds are easy to care for the same as plastic blinds. They can be wiped with a damp cloth and can be vacuumed by itself. As for the frequency of cleaning, it must be carried out somewhere once every half a year.

Blinds made of fabric are not as simple as they seem. In some cases, they can not even be vacuum because you can damage the thin fabric of the lamella. Although it should be noted right away that if the lamellas are made of dense fabric, they can and even should be vacuumed. But still, if the fabric of the lamellas is thin to use the vacuum cleaner, they can be washed, previously disconnected from other elements.

The fabric lamel must be twisted in a roll and put in water with washing powder. After an hour of the powder bath, they must be rinsed and dried, and then you can already hang in place. It is important to know that it is not necessary to iron them, as well as the fact that some fabric blinds do not tolerate washing. Therefore, when buying them, you need to immediately look at the marking, everything is indicated there.

The blinds made of wood are varnished and some other compositions, but even after such processing they do not like moisture, so they do not need to wrap them hard when cleaning. To erase dust from them, it is better to use a dry rag. As for the use of a vacuum cleaner, in the case of wooden blinds, this is not the best idea, since after such contact a varnish can be damaged by which wooden lamellas are processed.