Binders – Mobile House

If you need a multifunctional utility room, we recommend that you pay attention to the cabins. Mobile houses are simply necessary during construction work, they are also used as a warehouse. The change house can also serve as temporary housing, as it will fit perfectly to the summer cottage.

In fact, the project may initially need. Therefore, here you, as when I and my colleagues, can order engineering design services.

The construction of the cabinet is quite simple, outwardly similar to a small assembly house. As materials, wood and metal structures can be used. The invaluable advantage of everyday life is that they are quite mobile, so you can easily move them from place to place.

The functionality of everyday life

The household can boast of high practicality. It can be used under the post of protection and as a kiosk or a small snack. But most often, households are used for workers at a construction site.

The installation of a change house does not require large time costs, it is enough to choose the right even area and connect the necessary communications: gas, electricity and water supply. In the cabins you can live all winter, only you need to insulate the trailer with a wooden lining. The size of the mobile house allows you to put a small bed, table, shower booth.

If it is necessary to make a particularly strong carriage, which will be stable under any weather conditions, then as a material it is worth using galvanized steel. The walls of the households should be made of flexible material, which is adapted for multiple assembly. In the household, the temperature remains for a long time due to a layer of mineral wool, which is located between wall panels and windows with double -glazed windows.

The standard change house has a length of 6 meters and 2.5 m. width, the total area of ​​the trailer is about 15 meters. Such external dimensions allow you to transport a mobile house on trailers and trucks.

Types of everyday life