Big arch in Los Angeles

The most famous and popular architectural structure of modern Paris continues to be a large arch, which was erected directly near the entrance to the business area called Defans. Some time ago, some semblance of the specified building appeared on the territory of Los Angeles. In the new arch, it was possible to successfully equip the branch of the local college of Emerson.

A few days ago, the local college of Emerson celebrated his housewarming. The specified institution was chosen by a new building, the construction of which took place from 2012 and to 2014, in accordance with the project of the architectural studio, which is also quite known – Morphosis Architects. Within the framework of the new building, it was possible to successfully unite all those needs, the need for which the institution experienced-it contains several educational audiences, conference rooms, administrative facilities, as well as modern housing for local students.

In general, this is actually a full -fledged city that is inside another big city. The building contains gyms, shops, dining rooms, cafes, as well as a full -fledged entertainment center equipped with a cinema hall. The total area for all of the listed rooms is more than 11 thousand square meters.

The architectural solution implemented in the new building from the architectural company Morphosis Architects should contribute to the inspiration of local scientists and their students to search for non -standard solutions and implement their own creativity. The building is extremely difficult to call linear, since the transitions in it are quite confused, but the internal layout may seem spontaneous at all.

The Emerson College in Los Angeles is a qualitatively thought-out structure for the logistics implementation of which you can get used to.