Bath construction

If suddenly there is a desire to build a bathhouse from a scalded log or a gallected beam, then there will be no problem to find an excellent company that specializes in the construction of baths. Any company in the arsenal has more than one typical project, but this does not mean that it will not be possible to create an individual project that the customer himself can present.

There was a need for such a service as cleaning sewer wells in St. Petersburg? The company “Hazel” offers a service for cleaning sewer wells. Typically, this service is preceded by flushing sewer pipes, although this is not necessarily. The company “Hazel” has highly qualified specialists and modern equipment for such work.

The equipment of the bath may be varied, it already depends only on the owner and his wishes. A bathhouse is built from a conventional stunned chopped log or from a galinded, the diameter of which is from eighteen to thirty centimeters. There are always three parts in the standard bath: the locker room, it can also be a rest room, a washing and steam room. Baths made of logs today are very widespread. The foundation for the bath always depends on the place where the construction of the bath is conceived. It can be a pile type, strip or columnar. When building a bathhouse, partitions and walls are assembled from a bar or logs. The customer makes a choice when the question concerns the pre -Bannik.

Its partitions can be log or frame. Linden or aspen lining is sheathed during the construction of a steam room inside. The ceiling is sewed with a lining with a warming and vapor barrier laying. The floors perform double and insulated, except for washing (do not insulate). Doors – contractual, double glazing windows, gable roof.