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Barbecue masonry

Nowadays, many interesting useful devices come from the West, and not only applies to electronics, but also quite simple, but very important in everyday life, devices. For example, the special designs made of bricks, which are called barbecue, are now very in demand.

On the one hand, a barbecue is an ordinary furnace in which you can fry meat, but on the other hand, this furnace has its own nuances and subtleties during operation. Thus, you can even independently build a barbecue stove with your urki, because the masonry is not complicated, but there are your nuances about which you need to know. Actually, you can create a stove of any structure and shape, there are no special preferences and traditions that would come from the West with this stove. But still, the main thing is that the stove is safe in operation, so that it fits perfectly into the overall design of the courtyard, and then you can prepare a barbecue on it, that is, barbecue, and other goodies. The main thing when creating a stove to think about the output of the spent fuel, that is, so that the smoke comes out so that it does not envelop, even with the strongest wind, the courtyard where the stove is located. The design of the furnace can be invented completely different, there are also no strict rules here, the main thing is that the stove fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape, and using the barbecue stove would be simple and the main thing is safe. It is better to use special fireproof brick, although you can use ordinary brick, hardened brick, which will also calmly withstand a frequent thermal load.

The only thing that can be used more advanced and not traditional is the air supply system to the oven. After all, it is on the amount of fuel and air that the level of preparation and speed of cooking in the furnace depends. Therefore, you can use special systems for automatic air supply to the barbecue furnace.