Bamboo parquet: flooring laying

Laying of any type of parquet requires a thorough preparation of the base, which should be aligned, dried and cleaned. For alignment, it is recommended to use self -power mixtures. After the screed dries, its surface should be primed, and then proceed to laying the substrate.

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The best option for a bamboo parquet substrate is a waterproof plywood, which must be cut into four parts before laying internal stresses. The substrate mount to the base is usually carried out with the help of glue with additional fixation with self -tapping screws. It should be borne in mind that laying plywood sheets should be carried out with a displacement to prevent the occurrence of vertical and horizontal seams.

Before laying a parquet from a bamboo, it is required to be kept in the room for at least two days. It must be borne in mind that due to the natural origin of this material, its color may vary, therefore, during the installation process, parquet boards are recommended not to take, but to choose from different packages. In this case, you can get an original floor pattern.

Parquet styling is carried out in the direction of the main stream of light, leaving a gap of 10-15 mm near the walls. The connection of the strips with each other is carried out on the principle of “crest-paz”, and for more reliable attachment it is recommended to additionally fix with nails. For a denser connection, a rubber hammer should be used, and for fastening to the base, use glue that does not contain a water component.

After laying the parquet, the gaps are filled with rails of fiberboard, and then a skirting board is installed.