Bamboo doors

The material for the production of doors is metal, wood, plastic, glass, as well as their various combinations, including production waste (chipboard and t.P.). Green Goods offered its option – bamboo. The activities of this company are connected precisely with the provision of only environmentally friendly construction products. Its interior bamboo doors are an excellent combination of strength and exquisite beauty.

Representatives of the company proudly say that in the manufacture of bamboo doors, materials that do not contain toxins were used.

The design of the products is quite diverse and is able to satisfy the requests of any client. These are smooth shield doors (Flusch), phylene doors (Stile & Rall), doors having French glazing from art glass (French). Copyright products are also presented – Design.

In the manufacture, not only bamboo was used, but also other plants. For example, at the shield doors, the inside is made of wheat, products of other series have a content from MDF, or from an array of poplar. The sheathing of the canvas is made of a 2-mm bamboo veneer.

Like products from other materials, bamboo doors can be sliding, swing, folding, etc.D. However, products from the so -called “ecologically clean” finishing materials, as a rule, are still roads for most Russians. Foam and polyurethane glue for foam are bought still more often. In addition, the ease of use of these building materials and quality standards play an important role.