Bamboo carpet

Carpet is often considered an “office” flooring. The disadvantages for its use in residential premises are the difficulty of care and the ability to accumulate dust. Technology development breaks stereotypes. The same can be said about the septic tank Toppa 5. This system conducts biological wastewater treatment. Toppas 5 can be used in places where there is no central sewer.

Bamboo carpet – environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic material. To the touch fiber softer than cotton. With increased humidity, they will take away the excess moisture from the air, and in poorly heated they will maintain heat.

In addition, bamboo fibers will play the role of the filter, taking away from the air of the room all the toxins secreted by plastic, polystyrene foam, chipboard. Just like Topas 5 cleanses wastewater.

Coating from this herbaceous plant is resistant to wear. The once -popular mats from bamboo were safely used in unheated premises of verandas, corridors. The fibers are elastic, the legs of a chair or table will not leave dent.

Of course, you need to clean the carpet. But any floor covering needs regular cleaning. The regular use of a vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle will help bamboo fiber to maintain its attractiveness and physical properties for a long time.

When creating a carpet, all properties of natural material are preserved. One of them is antibacterial. Bambuban, contained in the plant, destroys many pests and protects the coating from insects without the use of chemistry.