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Balcony as an additional living area

Balconies, loggias in apartments have an auxiliary function. In summer, this is a good place to relax in the fresh air and at any time of the year – a kind of closet for storing things that are rarely used. Some housewives on balconies dry linen, others breed greenhouses.

And this area can be “re -qualified” into a more useful one – residential, if you make certain efforts. And then the balcony will be a continuation of the adjacent room with it.

For these purposes, you can slightly expand the doorway, but you cannot remove the completely separating wall – the integrity of the construction of the building may be violated. Let the window opening better become a kind of partition separating the enlarged room into zones.

And it is in the loggia that it is recommended to equip a working corner, t.To. There is an abundance of sunlight here. And the released space of the room will help increase the gaming zone or make a mini-spare.

So where should you start? And you need to start with the usual banal region – paperwork. To make any redevelopment of housing, the resolution of architects, renewal of a technical passport, etc.P. You can’t do without experts. And when all permits are on hand, you can safely import building materials. The first stage of work is the lining of the balcony. And here the choice of material will depend on what the parapet has already been made of. If this is a loggia with a concrete or brick parapet, you are lucky – it is not necessary to spend money on the skin. But the balcony with a metal crate should be closed with foam blocks. From the outside, after that, the balcony is finished with siding.

Next, you should take care of the glazing of the loggia. Do not forget that the windows should be opened for ventilation. Moreover, with swing frames, it is much more convenient to wash glass from the outside.

Well, now proceed to the internal sheathing of the walls of the new room. In order for the balcony to maintain heat, it is necessary to provide this by laying mineral wool between the outer sheathing and the inner layer. Use foam as internal casing.

When the insulation is finished, proceed to the floor design. It will also need to be insulated (pave the “warm floor” system and do not fail). You can just install a frame from the beam around the perimeter of the balcony, and lay the boards on it, put the carpet or linoleum on top.

If your apartment is on the top floor, and a cornice was not provided above the balcony, you will have to build a roof that is covered with any roofing material that you attracted. Well, of course, from the inside, the roof also needs to be insulated.

The final chord of designing a new working area of ​​the room is its decorative decoration. And since the balcony should be a continuation of the room, its finish should correspond to the interior decoration of the room.