Autonomous heating of the house

What is the effect of installing autonomous heating in the house everyone knows. But you are aware of whether you are enough to choose the main unit and other components of the system without outside help? Considering autonomous water heating of the house, the main thing is that it will help you easier to navigate the operation of the system is an understanding of the principles of functioning.

How is autonomous heating of the house?

Types of heating systems according to the method of circulation of the coolant:

Natural. This category includes convective systems.

Forced. The movement of the liquid is provided by the pump.

Each of them has its own principle of operation and has different components.

Natural circulation

The boiler serves as a starting point and heat source. Water heating is accompanied by a decrease in its density, which makes it possible to move the coolant of the desired temperature through the pipes in the vertical direction (up to the expansion tank). Hence the contents of the tank spreads to the reverse risers, and then to the radiators. When water cooling, its density increases, which allows the liquid to drain down to the return that transports it back.


In order to ensure the occurrence of incentive power to circulation, vertical risers must have a large diameter.

When designing, take into account the magnitude of the slopes (from the main riser to the radiators, and according to the “return” – to the boiler).

Forced circulation

The movement of the heated coolant is ensured by the operation of the circulation pump. The past stage of heating the liquid from the main unit moves to the pump, which transports it to the radiators. Each of them provides a valve (manual or automatic), which allows you to set the desired temperature. The liquid is cooled with the help of Maevsky crowns (on heating devices), after which it returns to the boiler on the “return”.


Individual temperature adjustment for each room in the house.

It consumes less fuel.

It is possible to use plastic pipes (reduces the cost of materials).

For each of the real autonomous heating systems, different connection techniques can be used at home.

Autonomous heating schemes of the house

Two -pipe. Consists of a feeding line and “return”. It is they who transport the heated liquid to batteries and chilled back.

One -pipe. The pipe is laid around the perimeter of the house, after which it returns to the main unit.

Collector.  Such a scheme consists of a common supply pipe to the collector, as well as the highway diverging from it to the falling value to the radiators and the opposite to the boiler.

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