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Auto transportation

Auto transportation never lost their relevance and popularity on many factors: delivery speed to places where there are no other methods, speed of loading and unloading, delivery of oversized types of goods and much more. Auto transportation as a type of business is constantly being improved using all new variations in its service, which only increases the demand from customers. The company “TEK” Auto-Tranzit “has been engaged in its activities in the market for several years, so the experience that has a carrier is an invaluable assistant in a vision of a business. What is the company and what types of transportation it performs for its customers. The car carrier is a registered company that conducts all its affairs according to legal laws, which means that before you fulfill the order, a corresponding agreement is drawn up, where all the main points are indicated when completing the order. The company performs the car transportation of Kharkov and other cities of the country, while the delivery of goods is carried out at the agreed time in full safety.

Digging for the convenience and saving finance of regular customers uses the type of delivery, which is called passing transport. What is this type of service: if there is a transport in your direction, which is ready to execute the order to another client, but until a certain point it will follow the light, for the purpose of mutual benefit to both parties, for additional earnings, you can use a free place for the cargo, while the customer also has its own financial benefit. Clients who systematically use the transport of a car company for transportation of goods can, in order to save money, draw up a schedule of cyclic transportation for a long time, this type of tariff payment is called corporate clients.

Cases when the cargo is transported inappropriately accepted concepts of overall dimensions, requires the use of special vehicles, which are ruled by the most experienced and proven drivers. The transportation of the oversized goods that the company carries out is delivered only by serviceable mechanisms, while the route scheme is mandatory to be discussed, which will be delivered by the cargo and possibly an accompanying car. The company is also engaged in the transportation of prefabricated goods that are dangerous and requiring along the way to support certain climatic conditions.