Assess real estate will be a program

Throughout Ukraine, the procedure for evaluating the real estate object will be carried out by a specialized computer program.

According to preliminary information, it is known that the real estate assessment procedure itself will not take more than 10 minutes and at the same time it will not be necessary to go to the location of the object, the assessment of which is carried out. This means that you can buy real estate in Yalta very quickly.

From today, a mandatory procedure for evaluating property has been introduced through the territory of the country during specialized transactions for the acquisition and sale of real estate. The state property fund confirmed the information regarding the fact that no additional deferrals under the specified law are provided and it enters into its legal force. But the specified law was supposed to act on the first of August this year, but due to the actual lack of certified specialists, the transfer of innovations at the beginning of November was initiated.

But the essence of innovations has not changed from such a delay: when acquiring and selling certain square meters, residents of the country will pay taxes not with the actual amount of the transaction, but the direct amount in which real estate itself was estimated. This amount will be indicated directly in the appropriate conclusion of the appraiser.

So far, it is still not known exactly how the specified assessment will be carried out. It is only known that it will be carried out not by hand, but with the help of a specialized software complex.

To obtain access to such a program, the appraiser himself must sign an agreement with its developer. The latter was the Ukrainian Institute for the Quality Management Management Association.