Antiseptic for trees

Processing of wooden buildings of any type requires the use of antiseptics. However, before all manipulations, you need to choose a variety of antiseptic, since not all types of wood can perceive them normally. Is it worth using professional opinions and experience? Of course, yes. After all, they use high -quality and relatively cheap tools that combine efficiency and safety for humans. It is important to understand what functions are performed by an antiseptic.

This is due to the presence of universal means do not have sufficient efficiency. Therefore, you need to use only the compositions on the directed action.

What substances are used today to reliable protection of wood from fungal lesions?

Experts recommend using one of two effective tools: PAF-LST or Hommeenpoisto-1.

You can purchase both funds in stores or markets selling such goods at a price of 100-110 rubles per 1 liter. Antiseptic can be created independently, with high efficiency. They mainly consist of waste machine oil and copper sulfate.

If the protection of wood is needed not only from precipitation, but also from the ground, then buy the ultra antiseptic, which has a huge number of positive comments throughout the Internet.

There is another antiseptic with the name “Vaalti Aquafor”. This impregnation creates a reliable protective layer on the surface of the tree. You can use it on glued beam. The application of the substance is carried out only on a purified surface, previously dried. You need to apply not one, but several layers. The time of drying of one layer is up to 7 hours. Complete drying is achieved 12 hours after applying the first layer. The cost of an antiseptic for 1 liter is 70 rubles, the volume varies from 0.5 to 50 liters.