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Another communal scam: forgiveness of debts

The country’s government decided to provide Ukrainian citizens with a restructuring of their debts directly for housing and communal services.

After all, everyone puts reliable metal doors to himself, and then, along with safety, many protect themselves from public visits. Naturally, reliable metal doors are a positive moment. But you should not hide from utility bills either.

Considering the situation more carefully and taking into account the decrease in the cost of Russian gas, the Cabinet of Ministers made the recommendation of the National Commission on the regulation of the utility market, as well as all bodies on local self -government, conduct a complete revision of the tariff grid for thermal energy, as well as water supply. On the eve of the 2015 presidential election, the government provides a real opportunity to install debt obligations that have accumulated in the context of high cost, impoverishment, as well as overstatements of tariffs and unemployment, and there is a promises about the subsequent decrease in tariffs. If ordinary citizens have the opportunity to only delay the payment of debts, then those oligarchs who own energy companies, or controlling them, receive a complete amnesty in this regard. They are cynically written off debts. But a logical question arises: what is the relationship of the cost of Russian gas to the tariff grid for heat supply and hot water?

The total debts from the population during the last 2013 period were actually reduced by 5 percent and amounted to 12.1 billion hryvnias, while earlier they were at 12.7 billion hryvnias. Be that as it may, and the debt of the Ukrainian population continues to be just huge, which amid non-payment of wages and progressive delays steadily contributes to the exacerbation of the socio-economic situation in the country. Restructuring of debt obligations did not reduce their real size.