Anchor adjusting in height

Anchor adjusting in height is also called the jack. This tool is made of several components. It is two square plates that have four holes on the sides. One hole in the center. On one of the plates, the hairpin of a specific length is welded. Adjustment of another plate occurs precisely on this hairpin. This happens using special nuts that help adjust the plates. Such an anchor is used to effectively compensate the shrinkage of wooden buildings.

They are especially used in houses made of wood. It is always possible to conveniently and easily adjust the value with which the structure should be shrinkable. For such a goal, there is a special beam that is on fasteners. The laying process, as a rule, occurs in three years, and therefore adjustment must be done constantly. For the production of such an anchor, it is necessary to use high -quality steel. At the end of the production, the material must undergo mandatory processing by zinc, it must protect the fasteners from corrosion.

This multifunctional attachment tool, firstly, is used to compensate for the shrinkage of wooden houses and other buildings. This element is known as a compensator of shrinkage and is one of the varieties of a huge assortment of fasteners. The design of the fasteners is intuitive, so anyone can use it in construction. Such an anchor can easily serve as a supporting base of a wooden structure, supports of wooden various guides, for example for a beam. With the help of this fastener, you can adjust the height of any site on which there are, of course, holes. High -tech anchors can be purchased using an online store where a large assortment of the element is presented.