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Aluminum windows

In the midst of a huge variety of windows in the construction market, aluminum windows occupy an honorary place. Profiles from this metal usually have one or more chambers. Three cameras are in greater demand, which increases the strength of the entire product. Artificial stone countertops, which you can find out on the Specimen website are at least less

Due to the fact that aluminum has high thermal conductivity, two types of profiles are distinguished: warm and cold. Warm profiles are equipped with thermal insulation inserts, and often they are used only to create doors and windows that will be installed in heated rooms. In contrast to warm profiles, cold do not have thermal insulation inserts. Such designs are used mainly in rooms that are not heated, however, in the heated rooms, they can be placed.

The design of aluminum windows

Warm profiles are characterized by the fact that their two shells are connected using a thermal insulation insert. In connection with such a constructive solution, the heat flow stops, which increases the heat insulation level several times.

Unlike aluminum, reinforced polyamide is more thermal conductive, and therefore the use of this material completely eliminates the likelihood of freezing the profile. In its characteristics, polyamide is located on one step with aluminum, so the whole structure retains its stability in external influences.