Adaptation difficulties of the real estate market

After the non -cash form of mutual calculations was introduced in the real estate market, for a short period of time the business activity of the market participants fell somewhat, and then activated.

As for last week, it was largely similar to the previous. Compared to conventional working days of actual calls, as well as real views and applications were less than. At the same time, even such modest indicators can be called a rather significant success in the context of rapidly changing “rules of the game”. The most indicative moment is that no stupor has been recorded on the real estate market, which was talked about and predicted so much. The market continues to function in normal mode.

For this period of time, the probability of collapse in the domestic real estate market is actually completely leveled, but it is not worth excluding completely such a probability. A new feature of the Ukrainian secondary real estate market is the sensitivity to the stability of the entire banking system and currency courses in particular. After a certain weakening of the national hryvnia course, a significant complication was recorded in the auction and the negotiation process.

From this we can make a completely logical conclusion that most of our compatriots continue to keep their own savings in foreign currency. Some sellers also prefer foreign bills, and the auction itself is invariably held with an emphasis on the cost of the dollar. Participants in transactions received a fairly significant financial burden – cashing out funds, as well as a double conversion of large amounts – all this contributes to a quantitative indicator of transactions.