Activation of the real estate market

So on November came the month with all its changes, improvements and innovations. Earlier information was received that the demonstrated growth in business activity, which was recorded in the second half of last month, has an exclusively situational and short -term nature. This information was fully confirmed. In the context of a number of subjective, as well as objective reasons, a significant part of the market participants was forced to bear transactions that were previously planned directly to the second half of the last October of the month.

The actual introduction of the month of new rules on evaluating real estate from the beginning of November, the actual incentive of business activity was a certain incentive for real estate: not all market participants owned all the fullness of the information regarding the fact that the assessments that were held in accordance with the old rules will have legal force over the next three months.

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After the transactions were transferred, and the information regarding the features of the assessment continued to enter the minds of market participants, the demonstrated business activity began to go to naught. A significant decrease in not only calls, views, but also real intentions was recorded. This week was marked by a decrease in the indicator of business activity, there was also the actual reduction in the total number of transactions.

The prerequisites of this kind of development of events are concentrated mainly on the surface. A rather difficult situation has developed: predicting currencies is extremely problematic, and negative forecasts for the development of the economy do not look soothing. In such a situation, it is extremely problematic to look for the points of contact between buyers and sellers.