A solid fuel boiler will help to save on heating

The lack of gas and electricity is no longer such terrible words, if there is a solidopted boiler. Solid fuel boilers work on coal, wood, peat briquettes. There are advantages of solid fuel boilers:

1. Small cost;

2. Large selection and accessibility of fuel;

3. Independence from other communications;

4. Safety in use;

5. The possibility of waste disposal.

Such boilers can maintain an automatically set temperature, which is provided by special regulators. Fuel boilers are traditional with manual fuel loading. Pellet boilers with autonomous fuel supply and long burning boilers. Solid fuel boilers can be made universal if you install gas or diesel installations on it. Cast iron and steel boilers also distinguish. The cast -iron boiler heats up for a long time, but slowly cools. It does not lend itself to the environment and can serve for many years. The disadvantage of such a boiler can be temperature drops that negatively affect the structure of cast iron. The steel boiler is more resistant to the temperature regime, but can be corroded.

A new species of solid fuel boilers became gas generator or pyrolysis boilers. They are independent of electricity, but also cost more. But their advantage is the complete combustion of fuel with minimal ash waste. In such systems, you need to load fuel every three hours, while in pyrolysis boilers, the boot time increases twice. There are boilers, the duration of combustion, the fuel of which is 34 hours.

For any boiler, fuel is the main thing that affects the effectiveness of its work.

One of the advantages of such boilers is the ability to use waste and low -quality coal, which will minimize your costs. Solid fuel boilers are much more economical than the rest and do not require approval when installing with various services. Such a boiler is a ratio of price and quality, because it will pay off very quickly.