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A few words about living chairs

Living chairs are gaining more and more popularity today. Everyone who wants to buy such a chair needs to know how they are made, who first came up with and made such furniture, whether they are really so comfortable and whether it is possible to make it on their own?

For the first time, Sacco’s frameless chairs were made back in 1968 in Italy during the strikes of students. It was they who immediately liked living furniture, although older people were not very trusting in the new -fangled trend in furniture production, considering a living chair with an ugly and non -functional novelty. But they did not forget about frameless furniture, and the older generation was wrong. Sit on the chair, and you will understand why it is called alive. It makes it possible to relax, “drown” in it, and all questions are superfluous.

It is unlikely that it will be more convenient for you somewhere than in it. This is possible thanks to the Polistyle balls filing the chair. Not all the chair fills them specially, but only part of the interior space, so that they expand under the weight of a person and repeat the pose of the seated.

The danger of a living chair is only that you will never want to get up with them, so household chores and work will be at risk. Living chairs are specially created for relaxation.

The comfort of such seats allows them to use them in chilaries, nightclubs and bars, and in the offices they are offered to sit down to customers so that the conversation takes place in a more positive channel. There is a foamed polystyrene in the case of a living chair. Its balls are made according to a special system. They are also used for insulation of hives, manufacturing eco-suction. This material does not cause allergies and environmentally friendly.

Balls have a round shape, size of 5mm and an elastic structure. Balls of a different format are used for foam plates, which are insulated at home.

By the way, some try to make living chairs with their own hands. If you know how to make patterns well, you can try. However, this cannot be called a living chair, therefore it will not be as pleasant to rest on it as on the original. Keep in mind that you can’t replace polystyrene balls with chopped packaging from a TV or refrigerator. From thermal or mechanical exposure, it will turn into dust. The filler is crushed over time, and it needs to be added. The frequency of this depends on your weight and the activity of use. This is usually a bag every six months.