A bathhouse with a veranda. The value of the veranda for the bath and its types

The covered platform – a veranda attached to the bath is considered a great way to organize a place to relax after hot bath procedures. The functionality of the bath, designed and built together with the veranda, projects of the bath 4×6 with an attic and a veranda much higher, in addition, the adjacent territory is significantly saved, in which, instead of a separate gazebo, you can break a beautiful lawn, dig a pool or a stylized pond, plant trees and t.D.

In addition, the veranda also serves as a stylistic decoration of the exterior of the structure, for which various architectural solutions are developed, such as:

– Side veranda (along one of the walls);

– governing veranda (around the entire perimeter of the building);

– frontal veranda (located in the facade part);

– semicircular – in fact, the lateral veranda, but is made in the form of a semicircular building outstanding from the general geometry, which is not only beautiful, but also provides the wide, panoramic angle of view in it;

– The corner veranda (is located in one of their corners of the building, usually adjacent to the facade part, however, it can be located in a secluded back, if special circumstances contribute to this – for example, the form opening from this part).

A separate type of veranda is a veranda-transition between a residential building and a bathhouse that serves for a more comfortable visit to the bathhouse, especially in the autumn weather. A fairly popular decision among avid bath lovers who do not miss any convenient opportunity for adopting their favorite procedures.

The presence of a separate entrance to the veranda is usually the desired element – you can directly go to the lawn, for example, or to the pool, and in the same way return to snacks or hot samovar. However, it can be vice versa, especially in the case of a glazing of a veranda or its location next to the main output.

What else can be said about the veranda? It is best, of course, if the presence of a veranda is taken into account when designing the structure of the bath, it is located on a general foundation with the main building and is one with it. However, it happens that a bathhouse was designed and built without the knowledge of its current owner: in this case, you can finish the veranda of the side, encircling or semicircular type, preferably from the material identical to the main structure of the material – usually a wooden beam is used, chopped or ocilled logs.