7 main methods of facial skin care

The problem of acne will no longer worry you while you use wise tips for your skin care. Some spend a lot of money to have smooth and shiny skin, but at the same time there are many natural skin care methods, because acne can not be treated like monsters under a bed.

In this article, you can see some useful tips to get rid of acne, which you can use yourself.

The power of water

As you know, oil is much denser than water. But water is the simplest and most natural fluid that can be used to prevent acne rash. Try to wash yourself very gently and carefully. Try not to rub or scrape your skin – this is unlikely to help you carefully remove all the pollution. For better prevention of acne, you can use a soft cleansing tonic in the morning, day and evening, as well as after hard training. This will help your skin remain clean and smooth.

Cosmetics for care

Eye shadows, blush, moisturizing creams, and other cosmetics that we use should not contain any oils in their composition so as not to cause problems in your skin. If you follow the link, then of course you will find everything you need, but you need to choose very deliberately.

Even hair styling products in the form of sprays or gels, which are closely in contact with the epidermis of your skin, can cause irritation. Try to choose those products that are recognized as non -items, that is, those products that do not cause acne rash.

Think before pressing this pimple

People who squeeze or pierce acne, like soap bubbles, only contribute to the inflammatory process and the appearance of traces from acne. Try to touch your face less for a better struggle against acne rash.

Wandering wisely

Choose those razors and blades that are considered the best and proven, those that you trust. It will be comfortable for you to use them. In order to get rid of unwanted hair on the face, men do not have to have the most acute blade. Continuous shaving using good shaving cream will help you achieve perfect smoothness. Doctors advise men to be as careful as possible during shaving, and also not to do this without much need to reduce skin problems.

Oh, this is the sun!

You like to take sunbathing? Or have this sophisticated bronze tan? Well, if you dream of perfect skin without acne, forget about it. Sunny ultraviolet rays can harm your skin, cause redness and make it incredibly dry. Under the influence of the sun, all the bumps and defects of your skin will become noticeable. A large number of ultraviolet rays increase the aging of your skin and can cause serious diseases, for example, melanoma. Therefore, turn on the item “No tanning” in your daily skin care.

Masten face

One of the African beauty secrets is Shi oil, which is half a woods called Karit. Mmmm … what is needed for skin care! Karit was first discovered in the semi -desert sales of West and Central Africa. Africans, mainly women – use Shi oil, this natural tool for skin care, for several centuries.

Say me from spa!

Now you will not need to visit expensive spa centers to get anti-stress care for your skin. Create your own homemade serum without leaving your home. You only need to purchase several devices utilized from spa salons.

Take all the best and unique!

Increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. These skin care assistants do not contain toxins and increase blood circulation rate. Make a salad or eat fruit – and forget about acne!

Of course, there is no perfect medicine, treatment or skin care to combat acne. But you are the only person who can pick up his life and get rid of acne, and these tips are only a little

They will help you.